IUPUI Assessment Conference




I am trying a new process to prepare for a session where I will be a co-leader.  This is at the 2012 IUPUI Assessment Conference.

The process

The session will be about my thinking process as I prepared, over 3 months, for this conference.  I have captured videos of my own thinking as I prepared during the summer.  I am now at the point of revising my eportfolio that I have had for a year in Word Press.

The danger is that my part of the session could seem egocentric.  Therefore, I have to remember that this process is not about me but about the folio thinking process (Helen Chen).

Why Use this Process?

When people ask what an eportfolio is, they find there is no easy definition because eportfolios serve so many different purposes.  And, when they ask to see an eportfolio, someone will show a presentation website generated by an eportfolio system, but not the eportfolio system itself.  This is like responding to a question “how is a car made” and instead of the person showing the assembly line, she shows a picture of a car made on that assembly line.

Unfortunately, the “assembly line” for an eportfolio is really in the head of the creator, although the creator can leave time-stamped evidence of the eportfolio “assembly line.”

How Will It Work?

Instead of my audience hearing a summary of my thoughts about eportfolios and the folio thinking process, they will see and hear and read my thoughts in process.

Teaching and learning should not be about answers but about process.  “Give someone a fish and you feed them for a day; teach them to fish and you feed them for a lifetime.”

Only when eportfolio is thought of as a process will transformation occur.

The Video Reflections:

July 25, 2012; first thoughts:


August 1, 2012; making some decisions:


August 14, 2012; Third Reflection


Audio Clip — available

Final Thoughts Before IUPUI Conference:

Doing my own eportfolio process was an eye-opener.  I understood the enormous challenge of thinking what my goal was and how I would reflect on it at different times leading up to the goal.  Talking not only the audience as we usually think of that, but talking to the audience during the process.  An evolving audience.

What a real learning experience for me!



2 Comments to “IUPUI Assessment Conference”

  1. I attempted to include links to YouTube where I have videos of my thinking process in the summer and fall about the IUPUI Conference. Though I successfully installed them while in “text” mode, in the “visual” mode they disappeared. Hmmm, gotta see how to get Word Press to work right!

  2. I think I succeeded.

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